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The SleepBit System was developed by a nationally recognized physician and board certified sleep specialist in combination with leading health researchers and technologists.


The result is the patented SleepBit System airflow recording device and proprietary risk assessment survey. Used as recommended, this system is changing lives and saving relationships through the information provided by a simple and easy to use process.


Measuring the frequency, force and duration of airflow are critical to assessing the likelihood of underlying health issues that may be contributing to snoring.
The SleepBit System is an inexpensive, simple to use, at-home test for those who are believed to have sleep disorder issues caused by problematic airflow and it is now available direct to consumers without a doctor’s prescription.


The SleepBit System is designed to put an end to the debate about the severity of one’s snoring while offering proven recommendations to address an issue that can be detrimental to your relationship and to your health. NO MORE EXCUSES.


In combination with the SleepBit Lifestyle survey, the SleepBit airflow data will be uploaded via your iPhone or Android smartphone and the analysis of your specific results will be provided to you in a matter of minutes.


Take the first step today toward finding a solution to potentially dangerous sleep disruptions.